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Slig by Weaponlord206
Sligs are the lackeys of industrial species including glukkons and vykkers. Once thought to be primitive animals that live a simple life in swamps and bogs, they actually turn out to be quite intelligent. This led to the glukkons negotiating the sligs the gift of legs should they work for them. Reluctantly, the sligs took the offer, and as a thanks for their new mechanical pants, they pledged their loyalty to the glukkon industrialists as henchmen and/or bodyguards. The glukkon's success, obviously enough, was achieved by the sligs' combat capabilities. Like human cops, they have pets/security partners known as slogs. 

Certain types of sligs include as follows:

Slackers (weakest of the sligs)
Crawling (Which are simply sligs without their guns or pants)
Big Bros

One slig, named Wildum, was (surprisingly) sort of nice to Abe and Alf as they would occasionally hang out with each other for a few drinks. Sadly, the truth was revealed to the other sligs, and as a result, Wildum was beaten to a pulp with his own arms.
Glukkon by Weaponlord206
Industrial and thirsty for profit, glukkons were once close friends with the mudokons as they too were spiritually oriented. But, when the moon appeared, it's face resembled a mudokon palm. Hence, the mudokons called it the Mudokon Moon as it was a sign from their gods that they were the chosen race. The mudokon's self-claimed supremecy angered the glukkons, and as a result, they gave up their spiritual heritage. This brought forth the Age of Alchemy where the glukkons refused to look at the Mudokon Moon. As they consumed most of Oddworld's resources, they hired mudokons to work on their various factories. The result of this was the mudokons being downgraded and, later on, enslaved by their superior glukkon bosses. Species-wise, Glukkons are members of the Octigi family, which bare close resemblance to Earth's Octopi.

The five wealth-classes of glukkons are as follows:
Pud (Lulu)
Chump (none known)
Wanna-Be (Brewmaster, V.P. Aslik)
Big Cheese (General Dripik, Dir. Phleg, Mullock)
Glockstar (Tex)
Scrab by Weaponlord206
One of the most feared predators of Oddworld, Scrabs are centauroids that possess a claw-like beak supported by a humanesque torso. They are worshiped by the mudokon tribe known as the Mudanchee and can mostly be found in Scrabania. Like Paramites, Scrabs are hunted down by meat processing industries and turned into meat treats. In this case, by the name of Scrab Cakes. The scrabs that reside in the mudokon burial ground named Necrum gaurd the vaults to reciprocate the tribe for years of reverence of the species.
Paramite by Weaponlord206
Paramites are animals of Oddworld that can mostly be found in a part of Mudos known as Paramonia. The mudokon tribe of Mudomo who find these strange spider-like creatures sacred. But, just like most animals of Oddworld, the Magog Cartel saw paramites as food. As a result, meat processing industries like Rupture Farms hunted down these animals and grounded them up into a meat product called Paramite Pies.
Gabbit by Weaponlord206
Gabbits are amphibious animals of Oddworld that, while once abundant in the waters, were now hunted down to near extinction thanks to industrial beasts which include vykkers. The last known remaining gabbit in East Mudos is a gabbit named Latamire Munch. Why would this happen to them? 1. gabbit eggs, which are called gabbiar, is quite a delicious meal. 2. their lungs are exceptionally good transplants to those who suffer from lung cancer.
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PLEASE, I'm begging you all, PLEASE try to convince him not to commit suicide.


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